64 - Wiccan Work It Out feat. Emma Kathryn & Rhyd Wildermuth

July 6, 2021

Not just wicca but paganism and heathenry more broadly, as we discuss the magic of nature and the land, re-enchantment, the intersections of left theory and paganism, and more. With Emma Kathryn and Rhyd Wildermuth from Gods & Radicals, plus contributions from Christina Harrington of the magically inclined Treadwells Books (just behind the British Museum).   


Also, our Chlöe reports from Labour Women's Conference and shares some personal good news.  


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Another take on Walter Benjamin's Emergency Brake 


ILEF submission on Sustainable Food to Labour's NPF 


Caliban and the Witch - Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation by Silvia Federici 


1hr talk from Silvia Federici outlining the contents of her book Caliban and the Witch 


Confronting the new right 


Our episode on esoteric fascism 


Reclaiming Ourselves by Emma Kathryn 


All That Is Sacred Is Profaned--A Pagan Guide To Marxism by Rhyd Wildermuth

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